Management of the Institute

Head : Dr. Ir. Widyono Soetjipto, MSc.

Widyono was appointed as Head of the Development Institution Research Center SKSG UI since mid-2018. Previously, he was a senior researcher at the Institute for Economic and Social Research at the Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Indonesia (LPEM-FEBUI) where he served as Deputy Director of Research in 2005 – 2011 and Head of Industrial Economic and Infrastructure Research Group in 2012 – 2018.

Widyono completed his undergraduate education at the Department of Agricultural Socio-Economics, Institut Pertanian Bogor in 1990. He then completed his Masters degree at the Department of Agricultural Economics at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 1995. After completing his education he returned to Indonesia and worked at LPEM-FEBUI in the same year and became a lecturer in the Department of Economics FEBUI the following year. In 2004, he completed his doctorate degree at the Graduate Program in Economics University of Indonesia (PPIE-FEBUI) in the field of Industrial Economics and International Trade.

He has officially become a teaching staff at UI-BHMN since 2007 and teaches in various study programs and levels within Department of Economics FEBUI. In research and consulting activities, he has conducted various research topics in the economic field for many institutions in central and local governments, private sector, as well as foreign development partners.

Vice Head : Drs. Muhammad Hasyim, MM

Hasyim has joined the Development Institution Research Center since the establishment of the institute in 1986. He started his research career starting as researcher until he has served as the Deputy Head of the institute since 2009.

Hasyim completed his undergraduate education at the Department of Biology, FMIPA-UI, in 1986. He obtained his Master of Management from STIE IPWI in 1997. In addition to research, Hasyim also worked in the academic field as a lecturer at the FMIPA As-Syafi’iyah Islamic University in 1994-1997.

In the field of research, Hasyim develops the expertise of institute in the field of tariff setting and estimating the cost of good sold (cogs) for many products and services in various fields, such as Pertamina products, Pelni port services, hospitals, Pelindo, etc. One of the important work of the institution which was successfully carried out by him was the kerosene to LPG tube conversion program in 2008-2009, i.e the enumeration and distribution of LPG tubes in several regions of Indonesia. Until now, cost of good sold estimation and tariffs setting for any products and services have become one of the institute’s leading researches.

Administration and Finance Coordinator: Rita Yulianti, SE

Rita joined Development Institution Research Center in 1998. She began her career as a staff member and has become the administrative and financial coordinator of the Development Research Center since 2009. Previously he worked as an accounting staff at CV Karya Mandiri Bogor. She completed his education at the STIE Kesatuan Bogor in 2003 and has participated in several tax trainings.

Research Coordinator : Dandun Winarno Handojo, SH

Dandun earned his Sarjana degree in Law in 1985 and had worked as civil servant in the Planning Bureau, Secretariate General of Ministry of Transportation. Following his retirement from the ministry, he joined Pranata Pembangunan UI in 2003 and works within tariff research group at the institute.

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